Sewer and Storm Drain Cleaning

Empire Pipe Cleaning has been providing pipeline cleaning and maintenance services to Municipalities, Sanitation Districts, and Contractors since 1975.  We have a fleet of combination cleaning trucks that have the capability to clean and vacuum mainline sewers, storm drains, wet and dry wells, lift stations, catch basin and storm drain culverts. We offer system wide cleaning as well as time and material services for smaller projects.

The fleet of combination trucks use high pressure water and vacuum systems to flush and remove debris and solids form the sewer system.  Trucks are typically equipped with 600’ to 800’ of 1” diameter sewer cleaning hose capable of producing water pressures up to 2500 psi at 80 gallons per minute.  Custom designed nozzles and cutters are equipped on all trucks to remove potential blockage from the system.  Obstructions and debris are removed without damage to the pipe.  Specialty machines are available for hard to reach locations such as easements or long reach applications.

EPCE has invested in water recycling technology for cleaning sewers and storm drains. Our newest acquisition is a BUCHER 315 Recycler Truck that drastically reduces the need for water while efficiently cleaning the sewer or storm drain system.

EPCE has experience cleaning sewer and storm drain pipelines, wet wells, catch basins, lift stations, clarifiers, and hrdro-excavating.Safety comes first!  Each truck is equipped with beacons, safety lighting, arrow boards, traffic cones, and signage required to meet the WATCH Manual for Traffic Control.  Additional equipment can be deployed when heavy traffic conditions are encountered.

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